Hispavista launches free video service for the spanish market

spanish free - video gratis

Hispavista, portfolio company, launches new free video service for the spanish market. Fully web2.0 compliant, the team led by Jon Elosegui, has put together tag clouds, RSS feeds and social voting and filtering functions.

Three days after launch, two email marketing campaigns later, we have over one thousand video clips uploaded. There is nothing quite like having a database of several million opt-in users for launching a viral marketing campaign. Needless to say the User Generated Content editing team, which currently covers galeon.com our free web page service, have had their hands full with pornographic video clips. The new lesson is User Generated Censorship. The team has implemented a “one complaint, you are out policy”. This morning after reviewing click-stream and user generated voting and complaints, the team has deemed social censorship reliable. Nice result.

The team has been pulling all-nighters for the past week, and the coffee machine has also borne the brunt of the effort. My personal favorite (in spanish)

[Disclosure: Jon Elosegui is my brother, and we are invested in Hispavista.]