Structuring and Regulating Advertising Market Places

On the subject of electronic market places, one of the key issues in the new marketplace is how much the products can be structured, and how much the buying/selling needs to be regulated.

In eBay’s media marketplace, buyers will be able to submit Web forms akin to requests for proposals specifying what dates they want to run ads, what their budget is, target demographics they seek in the audience and other information. They then invite networks to review their proposal. Sellers also will have the option to initiate auctions, following the eBay model, where they specify the ad space they have available to sell and choose the highest bidder. The same model as ebay’s main buying and selling model.

A model similar to the unregulated over-the-counter marketplaces in banking.

The AAAA has contracted Arbinet to structure the marketplace more. Using the financial regulated exchanges model, the AAAA is creating a registry of buyers and sellers and their respective needs to structure the marketplace with formats and standards. A standardised market allows easier and confident trading, which leads to much higher volumes, higher liquidity and market makers.